Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game from Mattel

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Introducing: Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game from Mattel

Best Baby Toys are happy to offer the excellent Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game.

With so many available today, it is good to have a brand you can recognise. The Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game is certainly that and will be a superb purchase.

For this reduced price, the Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game is widely recommended and is a popular choice amongst lots of people. Mattel have added some nice touches and this results in great value for money.

Manufacturer Description

Based on the popular mobile app, this exciting game lets you build, launch, and destroy with fun new features, including pigs with helmets, breakable ice blocks, an exploding TNT box, and a large red bird character! The second installment of the exciting skill and action game based on the best-selling phone app, Angry Birds On Thin Ice is perfect for two to four players.

build up

Players draw a card and build the structure shown before their opponents launch their Angry Birds.

Launch the Angry Birds to knock down the structure-and the pigs-to win points.
Build, Launch, and Destroy…for Real!
The evil green pigs have stolen the Angry Birds’ eggs, so now the vengeance-seeking birds are poised to attack with everything they’ve got! This thrilling skill-and-action game is based on the bestselling mobile app Angry Birds on Thin Ice, the second installment of the wildly popular game series. Fans will love all the building and smashing action with fun structural pieces and snappable ice girders. Players draw mission cards and build the indicated structures before their opponents knock them — and the pigs — down to score points. The first player to earn 1,000 points wins the game!

Tailor the Game to Players’ Skills
The mission cards feature four levels of difficulty (and corresponding levels of points), so you can decide how you want to play. Select a mission card from any of the four levels and give the card to the next player — they have to build the indicated castle that you’re going to shoot down. For the first three levels, the castle should be built exactly as indicated on the card. The fourth and most difficult level is freestyle, which lets you create your own structures within a specific set of guidelines. Once the castle is built, it’s time for you to shoot it down!

Comes With Exciting Game Pieces
The game's structural pieces include “wood” beams and snappable “ice” girders, along with three green pigs and two construction hats. A TNT box adds an extra explosive element of fun — when it falls, it pops open to create more chaos and then can be easily refolded for the next round. The slingshot-style catapult launcher fits either of the two Angry Birds (one Big Red and one Yellow). To operate, simply insert the Angry Bird, pull back, and let go to launch and destroy!

What's In The Box?
40 mission cards, 16 points cards, one Angry Birds launcher, two Angry Birds, three pigs, two pig helmets, one TNT box, five girders, three breakable ice girders, two ice blocks, and two ice cubes

Box Contents

Angry Birds On Thin Ice, lets players build, launch and destroy with fun new features.

Product Features

  • Based on the on the best-selling phone app game, Angry Birds
  • The second installment of the exciting skill and action game based on, Angry Birds
  • Build, launch and destroy with fun new features, including pigs with helmets, breakable ice block building pieces, and exploding TNT box
  • Includes 2 Angry Birds, 3 green pigs, 1 slingshot-style catapult launcher, structure pieces and mission cards
  • For 2-4 players

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