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Introducing: Civcity Rome Download by 2K Games

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Manufacturer Description

A City-Builder Game in the World of Sid Meier'sCivilization!Product InformationCivCity: Rome is an innovative city-builder inspired by the world of Sid Meier'sCivilization. Through dozens of missions you will be charged withbuilding nurturing and managing Rome's great cities as you endeavor to lead theEmpire to its mighty apogee. Featuring hundreds of buildings includinggladiatorial schools amphitheatres the Circus Maximus legionnaire fortsweapons workshops and much more CivCity: Rom offers an incredibly detailed lookat Roman life in one of the deepest city-builders ever created. Activities Include Protect: Form legionaries weapons makers watchmen walls and gates to guard your city against invaders. Beautify: Build gardens fountains statues arches and mighty wonders to awe and inspire your citizens. Build: Establish the infrastructure of your city with a town center aqueduct roads bridges jetties and mines. Grow: Cultivate olives grapes dates fruit wheat and livestock to feed your population and trade with neighbors. Live: Fill dozens of jobs with butchers fish mongers barbers bakers glass blowers florists and weavers. Entertain: Let culture thrive with musician schools theatres gladiators arenas animal fights and chariot races.Product Features Combat in the Coliseum Train gladiators and beasts to fight in the arenas; one of many ways to keep your population happy. Look inside the buildings for the first time in a city-builder game remove the roof from the buildings and see what's going on inside. The Wonders of Civilization Research and build mighty wonders including the Circus Maximus Great Library Pantheon Trajan's Column and more. Civilize your city Use the rich research tree to develop over 70 technologies to give your city a strategic advantage.

Product Features

  • For the first time in a city builder you can look inside the Villas, forums, and even the Roman baths
  • Create your own living community simply by choosing and placing the wide variety of buildings
  • Place hundreds of unique buildings across the city - more options than any other city building game
  • Manage and interact with real Romans - bring high drama to your city with their emotions, state of health, and candid feelings about the city
  • Build mighty wonders and monuments to influence your city and make it look great